My Story – My Autobiography

Starting My Autobiography

I had not planned to start my autobiography, but events a few months ago inspired me to start.  It started because I was invited to speak at a business women’s group.  I started the group over 20 years previously but moved away from the district after my marriage ended. There has been little contact with them since.

Now, I have written a number of articles about me.  Some as “About me” for some websites, and when I am the guest speaker at events, I usually send an updated bio to assist with the introduction of me.   I speak on a number of topics.   My main speaking topic in recent times has been “Writing your own Obituary” – a rather fun topic.  But writing the very long story of my life was not on my agenda.

On the occasion of the event mentioned above, I was to speak about my “adventures” while travelling.  I have travelled quite a bit on my own – to London, US, China, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia and a few other places.  I have also driven solo around Australia, and in 2017 drove a 1983 Toyota Coaster to the centre of Australia, to Uluru.  And there’s more!

I have had so many “adventures” from being lost, vehicle breakdowns, and lots more.  I have a good sense of humour and usually manage to find plenty to laugh about, when the problem has been resolved.

The Event

The group met at a yacht club, a delightful venue overlooking the marina.  We enjoyed coffee first and, referring to my prepared notes, I set about sharing some of the funny stories of my travels.

(I often refer to the name given to me by my grandchildren – Adventure Grandma.  In part, it was because I was always travelling or doing things, but in part the strange adventures I took my grandchildren on.  They liked the mysteries that I created.  An example was about Swan Hunting.  The children were all excited about this – as they had never done this before.  Neither had I, but we had fun finding swans in a seaside lake area!  No, we didn’t catch them.  Just captured them on camera.)

After my talk, which created a lot of laughs, some of the audience suggested I should write my stories.  Mmm.  One day I might, but I had other projects in full swing and there is a limit to what one can do.

They Made Me Do It!

It all started because I wrote a few notes after the event.  Before I knew it, I had created more than a few notes – and wrote over 20,000 in a very short time.  The plan is to continually work on it.  There are so many stories to tell – and they seem to keep flowing from my fingers as they race across the keyboard.  It is a work in progress – so now I am working on more than one project.  Thank you ladies for inspiring me!

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