My Story – My Autobiography

Starting My Autobiography

I had not planned to start my autobiography, but events a few months ago inspired me to start.  It started because I was invited to speak at a business women’s group.  I started the group over 20 years previously but moved away from the district after my marriage ended. There has been little contact with them since.

Now, I have written a number of articles about me.  Some as “About me” for some websites, and when I am the guest speaker at events, I usually send an updated bio to assist with the introduction of me.   I speak on a number of topics.   My main speaking topic in recent times has been “Writing your own Obituary” – a rather fun topic.  But writing the very long story of my life was not on my agenda.

On the occasion of the event mentioned above, I was to speak about my “adventures” while travelling.  I have travelled quite a bit on my own – to London, US, China, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia and a few other places.  I have also driven solo around Australia, and in 2017 drove a 1983 Toyota Coaster to the centre of Australia, to Uluru.  And there’s more!

I have had so many “adventures” from being lost, vehicle breakdowns, and lots more.  I have a good sense of humour and usually manage to find plenty to laugh about, when the problem has been resolved.

The Event

The group met at a yacht club, a delightful venue overlooking the marina.  We enjoyed coffee first and, referring to my prepared notes, I set about sharing some of the funny stories of my travels.

(I often refer to the name given to me by my grandchildren – Adventure Grandma.  In part, it was because I was always travelling or doing things, but in part the strange adventures I took my grandchildren on.  They liked the mysteries that I created.  An example was about Swan Hunting.  The children were all excited about this – as they had never done this before.  Neither had I, but we had fun finding swans in a seaside lake area!  No, we didn’t catch them.  Just captured them on camera.)

After my talk, which created a lot of laughs, some of the audience suggested I should write my stories.  Mmm.  One day I might, but I had other projects in full swing and there is a limit to what one can do.

They Made Me Do It!

It all started because I wrote a few notes after the event.  Before I knew it, I had created more than a few notes – and wrote over 20,000 in a very short time.  The plan is to continually work on it.  There are so many stories to tell – and they seem to keep flowing from my fingers as they race across the keyboard.  It is a work in progress – so now I am working on more than one project.  Thank you ladies for inspiring me!

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Back Again

It is over a year since this site has been updated.  It is a long story, which I don’t intend to bore anybody with, but I am pleased to say “I am back”.

I have relied on others to help me with my WordPress site/s – but have taken the time to learn more so that I can be independent of others.  I suspect I will still be in need of help, but have created another network to help me.

One other key issue in my life has been resolved.  I have been working hard on various community organisations, and I am bowing out of doing that and focusing on my own writing business.

I have toyed with the idea of returning to university, but have made a decision to put that on hold for a while.  Watch for more action on this site.


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Write Your Own Story

So many wonderful stories don’t get written or recorded.   So I am going to set some challenges.

Computer Users – Create a folder in your computer call it your name, or “My Story” and using Word or similar, start writing.   Start from the beginning.  When and where you were born, who your parents were and about your siblings.  Name them, write their birthdates if you can, and just write.  Whatever comes into your mind.  You might like to write it in a blog – details about that later.

Non-Computer Users – by a large exercise book, get a pen/pencil.  (I prefer a pencil as I can edit easily.)  Start from the beginning.  When and where you were born, who your parents were and about your siblings.  Name them, write their birthdates if you can, and just write.  Whatever comes into your mind.

Easy?  Well, it is as easy as that.  Set aside time each day, or just give a specified time and pick up your book or open your computer and start writing.

Just get started.



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Everyone has an interesting life – some more so than others.  As many as possible should be recorded – the objective of The Official Biographer is to inspire everyone to either write their own story or have someone write it for them.

It doesn’t have to be a massive tome with every detail of one’s life – a 5000 word “Mini-Biography” if nothing else.  If one has children of their own it is very important to let them know about YOUR childhood and your life.




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